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Intro to Tian Pan

Hi, there 👋!

I am a software engineer that crafts Internet services for a living and for fun.

If you are

  • 👔 an investor or entrepreneur → I am open for cofounder and CTO positions
  • 😛 a wannabe entrepreneur like me
    • raising seed funding for your crypto startup → there is a budget to invest $300k per case
    • interested in FinTech, Decentralized Identity, SaaS, and community building technologies → let’s talk
  • 🕵️‍♀️ an employer → I am only interested in Senior Staff or Principal (equivalent to Google L7/L8) level, or TC $850k+/yr positions
  • 👩‍💻 an software engineer
    • not based in the US, and looking for part-time remote work opportunities → I am helping my friends hire full-stack contractors $15 ~ $25 / hour all year round
    • wanting to become a better software engineer or engineering manager → 10x.pub community
  • ❓ interested in what I am

You could say hi to me at https://t.me/puncsky or email me via tian.pan at outlook.com

What is TianPan.co and 硅谷io?

They are notes I am taking for startup engineering. Some of those ideas are original and many of them are not. They tend to answer these questions:

  1. Product development question: How to craft a 10x better product?
  2. Team development question: How to lead a team to solve challenging problems?
  3. Customer development question: How to push the product to the right side of the technology adoption lifecycle?
  4. Investment question: Where are and how to get access to equities of high-value businesses?


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