Tian's Book Rankings

255 2018-11-10 21:17

These are non-exhaustive rankings of books that I recommend, which is updated from time to time.

Life Changing

  1. Principles: Life and Work - by Ray Dalio
  2. How The Economic Machine Works - by Ray Dalio
  3. The Road Less Travelled - by Scott Peck
  4. The Black Swan - by Nassim Taleb
  5. 1984 - by George Orwell
  6. Goethe’s Faust - by Goethe
  7. Outlier - by Malcolm Gladwell
  8. Thank you for arguing - by Jay Heinrichs

Influencing Opinions

  1. The Attention Merchants - by Tim Wu
  2. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow - by Yuval Noah Harari

Psychology: Understanding self and people

  1. Thinking, Fast and Slow - by Daniel Kahneman
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie
  3. Mean Genes - by Terry Burnham

Developing visions and strategies

  1. Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work - by Chip Heath, Dan Heath
  2. Good strategy bad strategy - by Richard Rumelt

Empowering us (= self + people + organizations)

  1. Friend & Foe: When to Cooperate, When to Compete, and How to Succeed at Both - by Adam Galinsky
  2. Power: Why Some People Have It—and Others Don’t - by Jeffery Pfeffer
  3. High Output Management - by Andy Grove
  4. The Dictator’s Handbook - by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
  5. The Culture Code - by Daniel Coyle

Running a startup

  1. Zero to One - by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
  2. Crossing the Chasm - by Geoffrey Moore

Building software to serve people

Note: Engineering slides, blogs, videos, papers are far more effective than books.

  1. Code Complete - by Steve McConnell
  2. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - by Martin Fowler
  3. The Practice of Cloud System Administration - by Thomas Limoncelli
  4. Clean Architecture - by Martin Fowler
  5. Cloud Design Patterns - by Microsoft Azure
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