SaaS Sales Performance Metrics

35911 2020-02-13 12:45

David Schneider, ServiceNow’s President of Customer Ops, shares his sales performance metrics for SaaS companies that are aiming for hyper-scale. For the last 5 quarters:

    • Total Contract Value Attainment
    • Total Managed (ACV, Renewal, PS)
    • Net New ACV Attainment
    • Sales Quota Achievement
    • Q/Q Growth
    • Y/Y Growth
    • Cumulative Total New Customers
    • New Customers (incl. losses)
    • ACV Repeat Customers % to Net New
    • Cumulative Total Net Customers
    • New Customers
    • # Reps On-Board
    • Average Productivity per Sales Rep
    • Sales Rep Annualized Attrition Rate
    • Total Sales Annualized Attrition Rate


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