12 Habits that can Boost Women's Promotion

4299 2018-09-20 02:41

Disclaimer: I highly doubt those guys who succeed only by giving advice on how to succeed. A bird’s flight does not need the guidance of ornithologists. Anyhow, food for thought that these are what American women think helpful to their promotions.

  1. claim your achievements often
  2. realize that others will not notice and reward your contributions unless you say it
  3. expertise is not the only criteria
  4. leverage relationships
  5. enlist allies from day one
  6. put your career before your job
  7. don’t be a perfectionist
  8. kill the disease to please
  9. be relaxed and stretched out
  10. be less emotional, speak less, and disclose less
  11. move on effectively from failures
  12. be undistracted


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