Why mentors cannot help with your promotion?

3255 2018-09-10 23:15

Research found that

  1. Successful Caucasian men receive more career guidance than women and multicultural professionals.
  2. More women have mentors than men, but fewer women win promotions.

Why? Mentors cannot help with promotions but sponsors can.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is

  • Investor and Beneficiary. A sponsor is a senior level staff member invested in a protégé’s career success.
  • Direct influencer of your promotion. Sponsors promote protégés directly, using their influence and networks to connect them to high-profile assignments, people, pay increases and promotions.
  • Resource-sharer. Sponsors give protégés their active network connections and make new connections for them.
  • Amplifier. Sponsors champion their protégés visibility, often using their own platforms and reputation as a medium for exposure.

Who can be the sponsors?

  1. who makes pay, promotion or project assignment decisions that affect you/your employee?
  2. which senior leaders could benefit from you/your employee’s career advancement?
  3. which senior leader has a network or platform most equipped to help you/your employee advance in their career?


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