Ryan Holiday: How to begin with PMF

4863 2018-11-02 17:07

4 Steps of Growth Hacking

  1. Begin with the product-market fit (PMF)
  2. Finding your growth hack
  3. Going viral
  4. Close the loop

How to begin with PMF?

  1. Product/market fit is the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand.

  2. Start with MVP and evolve with feedbacks

  3. Use data and information to back PMF.

  4. Understand the needs of the customers as early as possible

    1. e.g., Amazon employees give internal press release before developing the project to collect feedbacks.
    2. e.g., Werner Vogels suggests writing FAQs for the product you’re developing / critical UX / user manual = concepts + how-to + reference
  5. Develop answers with the Socrates method

    1. Who is this product for? Why would they use it? Why do I use it?
    2. What is it that brought you to this product? What is holding you back from referring other people to it? What’s missing? What’s golden?


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